Natural Disaster & Catastrophe Insurance


Natural disasters and water can destroy your home. While your home may look okay on the exterior, it may have damage to the floors, carpeting, walls and the furnishings on the inside. To make it even worse, mold can begin to grow in the damp and moist areas and spread rapidly throughout your home. Suddenly, your home is unsafe to live in because the mold can cause serious respiratory issues. Does this mean that you’ll have to destroy your home?

Not at all. What you need now is a professional restoration service that will be able to restore your home to its former glory.

It will take some time and hard work, but you can have your home restored to the state it was in before the damage. It may be even better.

Will My Insurance Cover All Water Damage?

Sadly, not all insurance will cover all water damage. The coverage will be dependent on the source of your water damage and your specific details on your policy.

Always read the fine print on your insurance and understand the coverages. In some instances, it may be that you need to invest in an additional type of coverage to ensure that you’re covered for specific damages and for natural disaster scenarios.

Sudden damage by water may be covered on your policy for a broken pipe or another similar issue. However, always familiarize yourself with what is and isn’t covered to ensure that you’ll have coverage if you need it.

It may appear that you’re covered, but you may find out that you’re not. Be sure to discuss any questions that you may have with your insurance agent prior to signing on the dotted line and paying your premium.

Most policies will cover “sudden, unexpected and accidental surges of water” however, they won’t cover other damages such as, “the kids left the faucet running”. You’ll have to understand your insurance to the letter to fully take advantage of your coverage.

What If It’s A Natural Cause Like A Flood?

Again, this will be dependent on the type of policy that you have on your home. Rarely will insurance cover floods unless you have a secondary type policy for flood insurance.

Flood insurance policies are on a special policy that is purchased separately from your insurance agent. It’s always wise to purchase both regular insurance and an umbrella policy that will cover the risk of a flood.

What If There’s A Leak?

Lastly, if your pipe bursts or leaks, neither one of the policies may cover it. Many insurance companies will consider that routine maintenance should have been done and that the cause is due to negligence. For this reason, you’ll want to know every detail of your policy and what it covers.

Water damage that is caused by a leaking pipe over the course of time won’t typically be covered. Policies will vary so be sure to check your policy with your insurance agent to fully understand what is and isn’t covered.

Once you understand what your policy does and doesn’t cover, you’ll be more prepared to make the right call. Then, you can give us a call here at Quick Dry Experts and we can find out what damages have been sustained and what it will take to repair your home to its former glory.

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