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Natural disasters affects thousands of homes in America each year. Natural disasters, such as fires, storms and floods, can cause hundreds of thousands or millions in damages. There’s ways to protect yourself, but eventually a natural disaster could wreck havoc on your property.

Water is one of the most common hazards for property owners in the United States. One of the reasons is flooding that can occur from storms. Flooded basements and structural damage are two problems that often arise from storms.

Pipes can freeze and burst, if the temperatures are low enough. Not only that, but sewage can back up, which can happen due to various reasons. Roofs might leak too. All of these things can lead to serious water damage.

Let’s not forget to point out that fires can lead to water damage. If a fire is large enough, then thousands of gallons of water has to be used. The amount of water used can cause extensive water damage.

Water can quickly be absorbed by walls and crawl spaces. This can cause some serious damage that is very hard to repair. In fact, reconstruction work is usually needed when this happens.

Within a few short hours, water can destroy belongings such as furniture and damage hardwood floors and carpets. If water absorbs into the walls, then you will probably not notice and bacteria and mold could develop very quickly. Mold can start developing within 48 hours. If mold isn’t treated right away and by a professional, then your home could be rendered as uninhabitable.

Never attempt to perform a recovery on your own. Rooms that have been flooded can have electricity and gas supply systems may have leaks as a result of the storm. Fires can cause some serious structural damage too. In short, you want the experts to handle natural disaster recovery.

Here at Quick Dry Experts, we have decades of experience in natural disaster recovery. This includes mold abatement and damage restoration. We also have experience in storm and flood recovery, reconstruction services, fire damage repair and smoke and odor removal.

We approach every project with professionalism and with great care. Our team of professionals are experienced and qualified to handle any job. We have restored many homes and have salvaged belongings that people thought couldn’t be repaired. We provide our services to both homeowners and business owners.

Have you been a victim of a natural disaster or is your basement flooded? Maybe you’re dealing with a broken pipe or fire damage. If you are, then contact us right now and we will send someone to your property as soon as possible. Our team will inspect the damage and then decide on how to go about restoring your property to what it was before it became damaged.

We service Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Austin, El Paso, surrounding areas and most of Texas.